On this page you can find the previous year’s lesson plans. These lessons are listed in the order that they were originally uploaded, but liaisons are welcome to review and use them in any order that is most useful for your student group. If you have any questions or trouble viewing/downloading the lessons, please contact the program director, program@leda.flywheelsites.com.

2018-19 Lessons

Lesson 1
“Don’t Put People in Boxes!”

Lesson 2
The Bike Experiment
Ice Breaker Slides

Lesson 3
Understanding How Racism Started
MS Lesson  –  HS Lesson
Ice Breaker Slides
(or download Ice Breaker as .pptx)

Lesson 4
Fighting Human Wrongs with Human Rights
MS Lesson  –  HS Lesson

Lesson 5
We All Have Culture
MS Lesson  –  HS Lesson

Lesson 6
You Have the Power to Make a Difference
MS Lesson  –  HS Lesson