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Are you a business looking to provide Spanish lessons for your employees? Or are you an individual looking for a community course? Please select your course below.

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Spanish Language Academy

Did you know that by 2050, the United States is likely to be the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world? As demographics change, having Spanish speaking and writing skills in your back pocket will come in handy at work, in the community, and at play. Most importantly, having the skills to communicate with a Spanish-speaking person demonstrates your cultural awareness and understanding.

Plus, it’s fun – es divertido!

LEDA’s Spanish Language Academy classes are taught in relaxed, small-group environments. We believe this is perfect for practicing on the spot with others, receiving immediate feedback and encouragement from an expert instructor, asking questions, and making new friends!

Spanish Language Academy

Think you can’t learn Spanish? Don’t worry – no te preocupes! Spanish is spelled phonetically. Plus, many words are similar to English, making it easy to learn.