It’s Good for Business!

It’s time for your staff to learn some Spanish!

The Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance (LEDA) offers 6-week or 10-week beginner and intermediate level Spanish courses for businesses and organizations of any type.

Learning Spanish through the Spanish Language Academy is easy, fun, and affordable. Plus, it makes business sense:

  • Improve business opportunities in the global world
  • Expand your workforce diversity by hiring and promoting employees whose native language is Spanish
  • Demonstrate your cultural awareness to customers, employees and business collaborators
Spanish Language Academy

Level 1 Course (Beginner)

  • 1 or 1.5 hours, one day a week
  • Introduction to native speaker pronunciation
  • Learn greetings and introductions
  • Develop a foundation of effective vocabulary
  • Practice universal encounters and job-specific situations

Level 2 Course (Intermediate)

  • 1 or 1.5 hours, one day a week
  • Refine native speaker pronunciation
  • Learn more complex sentence structures
  • Strengthen and increase practical and useful vocabulary
  • Dive into advanced job-specific conversations

Required course book for all 6-week classes:
Easy Spanish Step By Step by Barbara Bregstein

4-Hour Crash Course

  • A single 4-hour session with an abbreviated course presentation
  • Basic introduction to native speaker pronunciation
  • Learn greetings and introductions
  • Introduction to job-specific vocabulary

Business Spanish Courses are tailored to fit your organization’s needs. Spanish skills are acquired through structured training, exercises, and verbalizing. Classes are taught on-site at your organization.

Does your business, organization or agency regularly interact with individuals who have limited English proficiency? Do you or your staff communicate with individuals whose safety, legal rights or health are at stake? Do you work in a technical industry that demands accurate and concise communication to meet product or industry safety standards?

LEDA can help you meet this challenge by working with you on industry specific words and phrases. In our Business Spanish Course, we make it a priority to ensure you obtain a level of comfort with communicating important or necessary job-related content in Spanish.

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