Conversation In Spanish

Next sessions start Friday, May 1!

Conversation In Spanish is an opportunity to learn Spanish in a fun and relaxing atmosphere. Join other class participants and community members for this meeting of people interested in learning and speaking in Spanish. Everyone is welcome, but it is recommended to have an intermediate or advanced knowledge of the language.

These events will occur 4 times during May, two separate meetings will be held weekly on Fridays at 3:30 – 4:30pm AND 5 – 6pm. The first meetings will be held on May 1. Participants will be sent a link to participate in the Google Meet video call. The $40 fee covers access to all four meetings.

Our course instructor, Rodrigo De Grau, will guide the conversations, offering insights into both formal and informal Spanish phrases and vocabulary. This is also a great opportunity to meet with other Spanish learners and improve your speaking skills with the language.

Community Spanish Course — an eight-week class that’s fun and affordable!

The average adult can speak a foreign language confidently in a relatively short time. At the LEDA Spanish Language Academy, you’ll see that you’re never too old to learn a second language. It doesn’t have to require a lot of time, and it can be affordable.

In this informal environment, you’ll quickly discover how painless and straightforward it can be to learn Spanish. You will develop confidence and Spanish competence through structured training, exercises, and verbalizing, all while having fun and making new acquaintances!

Upcoming Spanish Courses

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Vas a tener mucho diversión aprendiendo Español
You’re going to have a lot of fun learning Spanish!

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This quiz is designed to help you evaluate your own knowledge of the Spanish language. Your score can be used as an indicator of which of our course levels is right for you, but should not be used as the sole factor when deciding which class to take. Previous experience with Spanish and general familiarity with language learning can also be important factors.

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