2021-2022 Curriculum and Information

For Calling All Colors Liaisons

This page will be updated regularly with new content throughout the school year, including lesson plans, conference information, and program evaluation materials. If you have any questions or concerns about the curriculum, please contact our assistant program director, Susan Doughty at s.doughty@leda.flywheelsites.com or by calling 616.345.5332.

- Lesson Plans -

These lesson plans are designed to educate students on important topics related to diversity and inclusion, and to prepare your group with context which may help to inform your class project. School groups will present on their project at the Spring conference in April.

We recognize that each group may have differences in meeting times, number of students, or available space. Please take the following lesson plans as suggestions for content and activities as your group explores these topics. Adjustments to best fit the needs of your group are encouraged.

We encourage you to meet monthly with the school you were partnered with during the Fall Conference. Upon your request, LEDA will set up Zoom meetings for this purpose.


– Fall Conference Activities / Lesson #1 & #2 –

Youth Voices Matter 1

Youth Voices Matter 2


– Lesson #3 –
Using Our Voices and Experiences to Select an Issue

– Lesson #4 –
Using Our Voices and Experiences to Remove Boxes

– Lesson #5 –
We’ve Selected an Issue–Now What!?

– Lesson #6 –
Putting Our Plan into ACTION

– Lesson #7 –
Launching Our Action Plan

– Lesson #8 –
Presenting Our Action Plan

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- Student Recruitment Tools -

The Calling All Colors program starts with recruiting students at your school to join a group that takes part in the year-long curriculum. This includes attendance at both the Fall and Spring conferences, as well as consistent activities at your location throughout the year.

In order to help create interest in the program, we provide the following video to assist with student recruitment.

Recruitment Video

Additional recruitment tools and program information will be added to this page soon. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.